Deanna's recipes are second to none. I'm incredibly picky about what sweets I will eat, and I will almost always skip dessert unless it's high quality. When Deanna brings her treats around, there is not even a question about whether I will try it or not, and it often ends in me hiding them from everyone else.

Dr. Cameron McCrodan

Every once in a while, the neighbourhood 'cookie fairy' drops by the place I work and brings a few of her treats. I have been to New York, Paris, Italy and Lake Cowichan and find it interesting that the best cookies, brownies and other baking is done right here in BC! Gluten free or not, this book holds the secrets to success for your next office party, pyjama party, Christmas party or birthday party.

Grant Turner

I've had the privilege of enjoying Deanna's baking, both gluten free and with gluten, over a couple of years now. I'd be hard to tell the difference between the times she uses gluten and the times she doesn't, a testament to her recipes and her baking skill. They don't last long without getting eaten when I'm around!

Steven Hurdle

Delicious AND gluten free, some of the best baked goods I have ever had - even gluten filled ones!

Kelsey Nolan

I just love your brownies and carrot cake muffins - so yummy. Chocolate chip cookies are so delicious also.

Mary Read

I have been so fortunate to have been spoiled by Deanna's 'gluten free treats' when I actually thought I was eating sinfully bad treats. Her recipes have so much flavor and leave you wanting more. I am so excited to get my own copy of her cookbook and know how she makes these tasty little bits.

Peggy Davidson

If you're lucky enough to have Deanna bring you cookies, you'd best hide them from your co-workers (except me, of course, if you happen to work with me). When you see that luscious Tupperware, you know it's time to start planning your hiding strategy. Once word gets out; you're doomed! Not only are her cookies delicious; they are always accompanied by a glowing smile, and a charming personality that never fails to brighten the room. Thank you from all of us at Goldstream Bicycles!

The Steve D.